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            Welcome to the official website of Taixing Shenfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. and look forward to cooperating with you!


            +86-523-87117033 , 87117666

            Our products:

            Intermediate Series

            Norborene Series

            Fire Retardant Series

            Dye intermediate

            Photoelectric material...


            8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate

            Product name: 8-Hydroxyquinoline sulfate
            CAS NO. : 207386-91-2; 134-31-6
            Structural formula:
            Molecular formula: C9H7NO.0.5(H2SO4).0.5(H2O)
            Molecular weight: 203.20
            Product specification:
            appearance: light yellow crystal purity: 99%
            melting point: 180-185°C water solubility: soluble
            Product application: used as insecticide, bactericide and preservative

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